Migrate your agentless Desktop Single Sign-on configuration

You need to migrate your agentless Desktop Single Sign-on configuration if:

  • You implemented the Early Access version of Agentless DSSO prior to release 2019.09.0. If you are implementing this feature for the first time after September 1, 2019, see Configure agentless Desktop Single Sign-on.
  • You are using Agentless DSSO with Kerberos settings in Okta.
  • Desktop SSO mode is on and a message indicates that you need to perform the migration. To determine if this is applicable to you, open your Okta instance and then click SecurityDelegated Authentication. Scroll to Agentless Desktop SSO and confirm that On is selected for Desktop SSO mode and a message appears indicating that you need to migrate to the new, recommended configuration.
  • You are using the Okta IWA Web agent for Desktop Single Sign-on and migrating from Classic Engine to Identity Engine. Identity Engine doesn't support Integrated Windows Authentication Desktop Single Sign-On.