Custom app login

After you upgrade to Identity Engine, learn about the changes to custom app login.

Change summary Classic Engine: This feature lets you redirect unauthenticated users to a custom sign-in page when they try to access an app.

Identity Engine: Custom app login works the same in Identity Engine, but its availability is limited to the orgs that actively used it in Classic Engine.

Admin experience

The functionality is unchanged for orgs that actively used it in Classic Engine.

Orgs that didn’t use custom app login in Classic Engine should use an Okta-hosted sign-in experience or configure IdP routing rules that redirect users to the appropriate app to sign in.

User experience

If you continue to use custom app login, there's no change to the user experience after you upgrade. If you adopt one of the replacement methods, users either see your custom sign-in page or they’re redirected to the OIDC app you choose.

If you take no action, unauthenticated users aren't redirected. Instead, they're evaluated by the appropriate global session and default authentication policies.

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