Event hook endpoints

If Classic Engine users have an event hook endpoint that depends on the phone number field, they need to update their endpoint to handle its new location.

Classic Engine target object

In Classic Engine, the JSON payload of the system.voice.send_phone_verification_call and system.sms.send_phone_verification_message events contain mobile phone in the target object.

"target": [
"id": "mbl3p075rwLbODqXZ0g7",
"type": "MobilePhone",
"alternateId": "+14xxxxxxxxx",
"displayName": "+14xxxxxxxxx"

Identity Engine debugContext object

Identity Engine doesn't include a MobilePhone target in the JSON payload. Instead, Mobile Phone is in the debugContext object. Before upgrading to Identity Engine, users need to update their endpoint to handle the phone number.

debugContext": {
"debugData": {
"phoneNumber": "+14xxxxxxxxx",
"countryCallingCode": "1",
"requestId": "84085715bcbbff7afd1a28bb40dcf305",
"smsProvider": "TELESIGN",
"threatSuspected": "false",
"requestUri": "/idp/idx/credential/enroll",
"targetEventHookIds": "who3p0a3y5uKucF8I0g7",
"transactionId": "65E3752B9054020491972E5DE8107404",
"url": "/idp/idx/credential/enroll?"