Multifactor authentication

Learn how multifactor authentication (MFA) changes after the upgrade.

Change summary MFA terminology has changed. For admins, factors are called authenticators. For users, they're called security methods. The term factor now refers to the category of authenticators and methods (like biometric or possession-based). Methods describe the technological means by which the authenticator helps provide proof of identity, such as a phone call or a one-time password.
Admin experience To enable and configure authenticators, go to SecurityAuthenticators.

The MFA Enrollment policy is now called the authentication enrollment policy.

User experience The Sign-In Widget remembers the user's last-used security method and displays it the next time the user signs in.

Users can also select a different security method from the Sign-In Widget if they don't want to use the last-used one.

Identity Engine doesn't support security images.

Identity Engine has no Welcome Wizard.

The Sign-In Widget prompts users to enroll in both authentication and recovery factors.

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