Self-service upgrade process

Okta Identity Engine is gradually rolling out to customers. For upgrade eligibility, contact your account representative.

The self-service upgrade process ensures that your org's upgrade to Identity Engine is successful. Review each of the following steps to familiarize yourself with the upgrade process before you get started.

Before you begin

You must be a super admin to view the list of action items and schedule your upgrade. You'll see a persistent notification in the Admin Dashboard to help you get started.

Pre-upgrade tasks

  1. Complete Pre-upgrade tasks to ensure that your org is prepared for the upgrade.

  2. Optional. Create an Identity Engine free trial org to compare the differences between the platforms.

Complete action items

  1. Access the Identity Engine Upgrade Hub in the Admin Console to check your eligibility and see the list of action items.

  2. Follow the remediation guides to complete the required action items. Update your configuration according to each action item, and then acknowledge its completion.

After you complete all action items, your org is eligible for upgrade.

Schedule your upgrade

  1. Select a date and time for the upgrade.

  2. Check for an email confirmation. All admins in your org will receive an email about the upgrade.

  3. Have your admins review the post-upgrade validation tests to understand best practices.

Upgrade day

Most upgrades only take a few minutes to complete, so there's no downtime for admins and end users. Your org configurations are seamlessly migrated to Identity Engine.

Post-upgrade tests

  1. Sign in to your org and explore Identity Engine.

  2. Complete Post-upgrade validation tests post-upgrade to verify that your org functions as intended.

  3. Contact Okta Support if you have issues.