Authentication is the process of verifying that a user who attempts to sign in to a resource is who they claim to be. The traditional combination of username and password no longer provides an adequate level of protection. Okta Identity Engine allows you to configure which security methods your users can choose, and set authentication policies and Global Session Policies, to enhance the security of your Okta org beyond that provided by the username and password combination.

Multifactor authentication
Configure MFA to add another layer of security when a user signs in.
Passwordless authentication
Configure a passwordless sign-in experience by setting up Okta FastPass and authentication policies.
Sign-on policies and rules
Enforce policies and rules so users sign in with the right level of access that you provide.
Passwordless authentication
Combine Global Session Policies and authentication policies to create a passwordless experience for your users.
Identity Providers
Set up Identity Providers so your users can sign in to Okta by first authenticating through their social accounts.
Okta RADIUS Integrations
Integrate devices that support the RADIUS protocol to delegate authentication to Okta.