User experience

Configure all aspects of the user experience, from how you manage the org as an admin to how users interact with resources managed by Okta.

Account settings

Manage org account settings, designate points of contact for technical support, and configure client-based rate limiting.


Set a theme for your org and apply it to Okta pages and communication.

Email and SMS

Customize the notifications that Okta sends to users for account maintenance and MFA verification.


Edit user account management settings like display language and JIT provisioning, and set up custom sign-in, sign-out, and error pages.

End-User Dashboard

Design the layout for the new dashboard and set policies to manage its access.

Self-service and beta features

Bypass Okta Support and turn on self-service Early Access features for your org.

Registration of end users

Create profile enrollment policies to handle self-service registration and progressive enrollment for new users.

Okta Browser Plugin

Configure the Okta Browser Plugin so users can automatically sign in to apps that don’t support SAML.