Create a resource list

A sublist is a list of resources available for use within a request. By default, Access Requests automatically adds every application and group from the associated Okta org and other integrations to a Configuration list. For organizations with a high volume of resources, this can cause confusion for users or inaccurate requests. A sublist allows teams to control the specific options available to users as a request gets processed. For example, a Request Type uses a sublist that only includes European groups. When a European user creates the request, they can't accidentally select a group in North America.

Admins must explicitly approve each team that can access a sublist.

Start this task

  1. From the Access Requests Console, go to Settings > Configuration.
  2. Select a resource list. Currently, you can only create sublists for Okta, Jira, and ServiceNow resource lists.
  3. Click Create sublist.
  4. In the Create new sublist window, configure the list settings.
    List NameSpecify a name to identify the list.
    TeamsSpecify one or more teams that can use this list.

    Note: Admins must explicitly approve each team that can access the sublist.

    Source List

    Specify an existing configuration list.

  5. Add items to the sublist.
    1. Click Add item.
    2. Search for and select an available list item.
    3. Optional. Repeat these steps to add more items.
  6. Click Create list.

The system creates the sublist. Admins can update this list to add or remove items.

The Request Type associated with the team gets disabled when you remove an item from a list that is associated with the team. Admins also receive an email notification stating that a Request Type got disabled.

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