Configure Amazon WS Workspace to interoperate with Okta via RADIUS

AWS WorkSpaces (AWSW) supports RADIUS for MFA authentication.

The Amazon WorkSpace app allows use of the Okta RADIUS agent for multifactor authentication on Amazon WorkSpaces. End-users can sign into Amazon WorkSpaces using factors registered with Okta. This integration shows how to configure AWS WorkSpaces using Active Directory to support authentication using Okta MFA and Okta Verify Push.

Before you begin

Before installing the Okta RADIUS Agent ensure that you have met these minimum requirements for network connectivity:

Source Destination Port/Protocol Description
Okta RADIUS Agent Okta Identity Cloud TCP/443
Configuration and authentication traffic
Client Gateway Okta RADIUS Agent UDP/1812 RADIUS (Default, may be changed in RADIUS app install and configuration) RADIUS traffic between the gateway (client) and the RADIUS Agent (server)

In addition, you must configure Amazon Web Services as:

In addition, you must configure Amazon Web Services as:

Amazon Web Services instances, configured as:

  • Instance A - represents the Amazon Directory Service virtual machine instance.
  • Instance B - represents the Windows 2012r2 host where the Okta RADIUS agent will be installed.

    The AWS Directory Service will require the private IP address of Instance B to delegate the MFA challenge over RADIUS.

AWS Directory Service instance, configured and pointing to Instance A, running Active Directory.
Note: You must have the Directory ID of the AWS Directory Service. Directory ID is used to determine the name of the Security Group.

Note: The AWS Directory service will require the private IP address of Instance B to delegate the MFA challenge over RADIUS. If that private IP changes the AWS Directory MFA configuration must be updated to reflect the new private IP.


Only a single Okta Verify device should be enrolled. Enrolling second and subsequent Okta Verify devices may cause undefined or unexpected behavior.

Supported factors

The following MFA Factors are supported by AWSWS:


DUO MFA with Push/SMS/Call is not supported for Amazon Workspaces with RADIUS.
When an end user, enrolled in Okta with DUO MFA, attempts to access Amazon Workspaces configured with RADIUS, they must provide the six digit MFA passcode displayed on the DUO mobile app in addition to their primary password.

Google Authenticator

Okta Verify (TOTP and PUSH)

SMS authentication

Voice Call

Typical workflow



Configure AWS
Download and install the RADIUS agent
Create inbound AWS rules
  • Create inbound rules to allow the RADIUS agent to communicate with an AWS Directory Service instance.
Configure application
Configure Amazon WorkSpaces for MFA
Provision Users

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