Support your Desktop MFA users

After Desktop MFA has been configured and deployed, users are prompted to enroll one or more offline authentication factors. These factors allow secure access to the computer's apps and data, even if the computer or the user is offline.

To prepare users for the changes to their sign-in flow, Okta provides a series of templates to communicate Desktop MFA plans. Download the templates from the Launch Kit for Okta Admins, and then copy the appropriate wording to help explain the new authentication process to users.

Establish a bug reporting channel

  • Ask users to report issues or bugs in Okta Verify from their mobile device. The Menu bar of their Okta Verify mobile app contains a Send Feedback link. Users should tap Report a bug and fill out the form. System Logs are automatically attached, and the report is sent to Okta. Users should then contact someone within your organization for assistance signing in to the computer.

    View Desktop MFA System Logs locally on the user's desktop computer at C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\Okta Device Access\Logs.

  • Users may be locked out of the computer when enrolling or signing in to Desktop MFA. Without computer access, most users are unable to search for support information. Provide users with admin contact information on the sign-in page by providing a registry key for AdminContactInfo. See Configure Desktop MFA policies.

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