Federation Broker Mode known limitations

The following are the known limitations of Federation Broker Mode:

  • Federation Broker Mode is only available for custom SAML and OIDC app integrations. It’s not supported for apps in the OIN or API Services integrations.
  • Provisioning isn't enabled for the app integration when using this mode.
  • Unsupported tabs such as Provisioning, Imports, Group Push, and Mobile are hidden.
  • Apps are available to users through SP-initiated flows only.
  • If an app was assigned before Federation Broker Mode is enabled, existing app data might be lost. Mappings from Okta to app user profiles remain and are rebuilt when the user signs in to the app.
  • Apps don't appear on the Okta End-User Dashboard.
  • The app Assignments tab no longer lists user assignments.
  • Specific app assignment isn't possible.
  • The Current Assignments and Recent Unassignments reports aren't available.