Integrate with a company that uses an external IdP

If the company you acquired uses a different identity provider (IdP) such as Azure Active Directory, configure inbound federation to sync users into your Okta org. If users from the acquired company require access to apps in the Okta org, they can authenticate using a service provider-initiated flow. Routing rules seamlessly redirect the authentication request from the Okta org app to the acquired company’s IdP.


The following figure is an example of an integration between an Okta org and an acquired company's IdP. Employees of the acquired company can access shared applications in the Okta org by using their existing credentials.

Integrate an Okta org with a company who uses a different IdP.


  1. In your Okta org, add an identity provider. If you don't need provisioning, disable account linking.

  2. Configure identity provider routing rules.

  3. Configure authentication enrollment policies and rules.

  4. Configure authentication policies to define access to shared resources in your Okta org.

Best practices

When you configure an IdP in your Okta org, disable account linking if possible. If you need account linking, consider Security best practices.

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