Manage installation and upgrade of the Okta Browser Plugin

You can configure the Okta Browser Plugin to manage the plugin installations, upgrades, and some browser behaviors. This option is useful in restricted environments where end users can't install or manage the Okta Browser Plugin on their computers.

  1. In the Admin Console, go to CustomizationsOther.

  2. In the Okta Browser Plugin pane, click Edit.

Hide plugin installation or upgrade messages from end users

Option Result
Yes Hides message to prompt end users to install or upgrade the Okta Browser Plugin.

When enabled, end users must have the browser plugin installed on their device to access SWA apps from their Okta End-User Dashboard.

No Okta prompts end users to install or upgrade the Okta Browser Plugin.

The default setting for this option is No.

Enable Okta toolbar for group

This setting specifies the groups that can use the toolbar to access their apps outside of Okta.

The Okta toolbar is enabled by default for the Everyone group, but you can filter access to specific groups.

When enabled for a group, the plugin monitors browser forms, so users can do the following:

  • Add apps on the fly

  • Receive sign-in prompts when accessing a sign-in page

  • Receive prompts to update passwords for their apps

When disabled for a group, the plugin doesn't monitor any browser forms, and those features aren’t active.

Warn when visiting new orgs

This setting indicates whether Okta shows a warning message to end users when they try to sign in to an org that isn’t their primary org.