Monitor your org's security

Use the security monitoring widget to review your org’s metrics and user-reported suspicious activity metrics at a glance. The metrics are updated every time the widget loads.

  • HealthInsight: Displays the graph of tasks completed for maintaining and increasing your org’s security. HealthInsight is always enabled for your org. See HealthInsight.

  • ThreatInsight: Displays the number of IP threats logged or blocked from anomalous locations and devices in the last seven days. You can see the count only if you have enabled and configured ThreatInsight for your org. See Configure Okta ThreatInsight and HealthInsight reporting on Okta ThreatInsight.

  • Blocked suspicious activity: Displays the number of user-reported suspicious activity events. The data is based on end user reports monitored over the last seven days. You can see the count only if the following prerequisites are met:

    1. A user has reported suspicious activity in the last seven days.

    2. You have enabled the suspicious activity reporting feature and configured email notifications. See Suspicious Activity Reporting.


You may not be able to view the widget if you don’t have the appropriate permissions. Contact your IT administrator.