Change the number of Okta Active Directory agent threads

Increasing the number of threads the Okta AD agent uses to poll the server for tasks allows the existing Okta AD agent to process more requests without the need to install additional Okta AD agents.

  1. Open Windows Services and stop the Okta AD agent service.
  2. From the terminal, locate the OktaAgentService.exe.instances.config file for each Okta AD agent server:

    C:\Program Files (x86)\Okta\Okta AD Agent\OktaAgentService.exe.config

  3. Open the 'OktaAgentService.exe.config' file in a text editor and then locate this entry:

    <add key="PollingThreads" value="2" />

    The default value is 2 and the maximum value is 10.

  4. Save the file and then restart the Okta AD agent service. To verify that the setting has changed, open the agent.log file at startup and observe the startup information at the bottom of the file:

    2017/07/21 06:06:22.167 Debug – TEST-SERVER-1(4) – PollingThreads: <thread number>