Update the Okta Active Directory agent

Run an installation program for a newer version of an Okta Active Directory (AD) agent to update your current version. The installer doesn't overwrite any existing configuration data in the Okta AD agent folder.

You can also update agents automatically. See Automatically update Okta Active Directory agents.

If you have installed multiple Okta AD agents, make sure that they're all the same version. Running different versions within a domain can cause all agents in that domain to function at the level of the oldest agent. This doesn't affect other domains.

To continue using an Okta AD agent and avoid downtime, you must have a minimum of two agents running before you upgrade one of them. See Install multiple Okta Active Directory agents . It's a best practice to update one or two agents simultaneously to avoid taking all agents offline at the same time. Upgrade your Okta Preview environment first to confirm that everything is working correctly before you upgrade your production environment.

  1. In the Admin Console, go to SettingsDownloads.
  2. Scroll to the AD Agent Installer section and click Download Latest.
  3. Run the installation program and follow its directions.

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