Schedule agent auto-updates

Early Access release. See Manage Early Access and Beta features.

Schedule agent auto-updates to occur outside of standard business hours and reduce disruption to your users.

To create an agent auto-update schedule, a minimum of two operational agents must be installed on the directory instance being updated. To be considered operational, the AD agent must have a stable connection to Okta servers (the AD agent is sending requests to the Okta server at regular intervals). Additionally, the AD agent must have a valid configuration and must be integrated with the on-premises AD server. This requirement helps avoid service disruptions to your users.

  1. In the Admin Console, go to Directory > Directory Integrations.
  2. Click an AD instance.
  3. Click the Agents tab.
  4. Select Update agents > Manage auto-updates.
  5. Click Add Schedule.
  6. Complete these fields:
    • Name — Enter a meaningful name for the agent auto-update schedule.
    • When a new version is available, allow agent auto-updates on — Select a day, a start time, and end time for the agent auto-update.
    • Time zone — Select the time zone where the agent auto-update occurs.
    • Add optional delay — Optional. Select the delay period for the agent auto-update.
    • Email super admins status updates for this agent auto-update schedule — Optional. Select this check box to send super admins notifications when agent auto-updates change status.
    • Select agents to include in this auto-update — Select the agents to include in the auto-update schedule. An agent can only be assigned to a single auto-update schedule at a time.
  7. Click Save.