Auto-update multiple agents on demand

Early Access release. See Enable self-service features.

When a new Okta agent is available and your existing agents are out of date, a warning icon appears in the Version column on the Admin Console Agent monitors page. Keeping your agents current helps ensure your org has the latest Okta features and functionality.

When you start an agent auto-update, the agents are disconnected from Okta . To avoid service disruptions for your users, Okta recommends that you have two operational agents installed on the directory instance being updated.

  1. In the Admin Console, go to DirectoryDirectory Integrations.
  2. Click an AD instance.
  3. Click the Agents tab.
  4. Click Update agents > Select agents to update.
  5. Select the agents you want to update.
  6. Optional. Move individual agent updates up or down in priority by selecting the up and down arrows in the Order column.
  7. Agents are updated sequentially in the order they are listed.

  8. Click Update agents.
  9. A warning dialog appears when the directory instance being updated doesn't have two or more operational agents installed. Two operational agents are recommended to avoid service disruptions for your users. Click Got it to return to the Select agents to update page.

    When an update request is successful, the Agent monitors page appears, the Status column displays Updating, and the Message column displays Agent is temporarily down.

  1. Optional. Click X to close the status dialog.