Delete Integrated Windows Authentication routing rules

Integrated Windows Authentication (IWA) Agent isn't supported after upgrading to Identity Engine. After the upgrade, you can no longer change IWA configurations.

  • If you used Desktop SSO, configure Agentless Desktop SSO and delete the IWA IdP routing rules.

  • If you used Device Trust for desktop devices, delete the IWA routing rules.

  1. In the Admin Console, go to SecurityIdentity Providers.
  2. Click IWA.
  3. Make a note of your IWA routing rule. You need this information if a rollback is required later.
  4. A Failed to update OIE upgrade state error appears for the org superuser. Click Dismiss.
  5. From the Active dropdown menu, click DeactivateDelete.
  6. Repeat this procedure for any other IWA rules.

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