Update Event hook endpoints

In Classic Engine, the JSON payload of the system.voice.send_phone_verification_call and system.sms.send_phone_verification_message events contain mobile phone in the target object.

"target": [
"id": "mbl3p075rwLbODqXZ0g7",
"type": "MobilePhone",
"alternateId": "+14xxxxxxxxx",
"displayName": "+14xxxxxxxxx"

Identity Engine debugContext object

Identity Engine doesn't include a MobilePhone target in the JSON payload. Instead, Mobile Phone is in the debugContext object. Before you upgrade to Identity Engine, update the endpoint to handle the phone number.

debugContext": {
"debugData": {
"phoneNumber": "+14xxxxxxxxx",
"countryCallingCode": "1",
"requestId": "84085715bcbbff7afd1a28bb40dcf305",
"smsProvider": "TELESIGN",
"threatSuspected": "false",
"requestUri": "/idp/idx/credential/enroll",
"targetEventHookIds": "who3p0a3y5uKucF8I0g7",
"transactionId": "65E3752B9054020491972E5DE8107404",
"url": "/idp/idx/credential/enroll?"