Global redirect

Learn how global redirect changes after the upgrade.

Change summary The global redirect feature allows you to redirect users from the End-User Dashboard if they sign in to your org without app context. Instead of entering a custom URL, you can now select an app in your org to serve as the redirect.
Admin experience

If you have a custom URL when you upgrade, Okta assigns it to a new bookmark app in Identity Engine (OIE Default Redirect App). The bookmark app provides the same experience as your custom URL in Classic Engine.

After the upgrade, you can choose a different app for redirects. If you select an OIDC app, be sure to also set an initiate_login_URI.

User experience The timing of the redirect is the only difference for users. In Classic Engine, the redirect occurs after they authenticate. In Identity Engine, the redirect occurs before they authenticate (unless you chose an OIDC app, in which case the redirect occurs after user authentication).
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