Prepare Okta Mobile users for upgrade

Identity Engine doesn't support Okta Mobile. Identify your Okta Mobile users and advise them how to access their mobile apps in Identity Engine.

  1. In the System Log, identify the active Okta Mobile users.

    • For iOS users: client.userAgent.rawUserAgent co ""
    • For Android users: client.userAgent.rawUserAgent co "Dalvik/2.1.0" and client.userAgent.rawUserAgent co "OktaMobile"
  2. Notify the users how to access mobile apps in Identity Engine:

Use case Solution in Identity Engine
Users access mobile apps in Okta Mobile. Users can access their mobile apps from the Apps Dashboard ( or by tapping Open dashboard in the Okta Verify app.
Users access SWA apps in Okta Mobile. Users can view and copy app credentials in a mobile browser and then paste th credentials into the app to get access.

Users access SWA apps with admin-managed credentials in Okta Mobile.

Users don't see the credentials. Convert the app from SWA to SAML or OIDC, or change the settings for the app to remove the admin-managed setting.

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