Prepare Terraform for upgrade

If you use Terraform to manage one or more Okta tenants, there may be an impact to the current Terraform provider after the upgrade to Identity Engine. Prepare Terraform for the upgrade by completing the following steps:

  1. Migrate to the latest version of the Terraform provider.

  2. Update HCL (HashiCorp configuration language) scripts to accommodate the changes to Terraform configuration syntax.

  3. When the HCL scripts are updated, the associated .tfstate file must also be updated to remain in sync. Use Terraform commands to make changes to the .tfstate file.

  4. Test your changes on a temporary Okta tenant.

Post upgrade

To ensure Terraform is working as expected after your upgrade to Identity Engine, complete the following steps:

  1. Execute a Terraform plan command with -refresh=false to see if the script and tfstate files are in sync. The command result must read Resources: 0 added, 0 changed, 0 destroyed.

  2. If any changes are detected in the refresh, update the script or .tfstate file to align with the current configuration.

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