Replace your custom app login URL

Orgs that didn’t use the custom app login feature in Classic Engine should use an Okta-hosted sign-in experience or configure IdP routing rules that redirect users to the appropriate app to sign in.

Configure an Okta-hosted sign-in experience

  1. Create a custom domain. If you have existing Okta integrated apps, update them all to reference the custom domain (switch from

  2. Brand the Okta interface.

  3. Style the sign-in page. Use the application context with the object: OktaUtil.getRequestContext. This lets you support a single instance of the Sign-In Widget to display variations in the user sign-in experience.

  4. Customize email templates.

Create IdP routing rules

  1. Add an OIDC Identity Provider.

  2. Configure identity provider routing rules.

    1. Name the rule Redirect to [Sign-in Experience Name].

    2. Click Any of the Following Applications, and then select the applications that use the same sign-in experience.

    3. Select the new OIDC IdP from the list of active IdPs.

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