Initiate a rollback request

Contact Okta Support and open a P1 ticket to initiate a rollback request. Because this is a unidirectional upgrade, Okta Support is required to collection information about the request. You can speed up the process by providing the following information with your request.

  1. Capture screenshots of your global session policies (

  2. Capture screenshots of your authentication policies (

  3. Capture screenshots of your MFA enrollment policies and all the authenticators you've enabled (

  4. Capture screenshots of your IdP routing rules (

  5. Provide details about an example user and the application that they can't access. Include the applicable authentication policy and video of the sign-in flow.

  6. Optional. Provide video of the sign-in flow on Classic Engine before you upgraded.

  7. Document the steps to reproduce the critical issue. Be as detailed as possible and include architectural flow diagrams if you have them.

  8. Capture the complete flow in a HAR or Fiddler Trace file. See Generating HAR files and Capturing a Fiddler Trace for Okta Customer Support.

    1. Clear your Okta session or browser cache, or use incognito mode.

    2. Start at the beginning of the flow and continue until the error is displayed.

    3. Repeat for other errors.

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