Okta Verify configurations for Android devices

You can use your mobile device management (MDM) solution to deploy Okta Verify configurations to domains. The configurations enable Okta Verify functionality.

Use the following keys and values to configure Okta Verify:


Use this configuration to pre-populate the sign-in URL so that end users don't have to enter this value when they add an Okta Verify account. For example, example.okta.com. This configuration is available for Okta Verify 7.2.0 and later.

Value (string): <org_sign-in_URL>


Use this configuration to specify a secret key, which indicates that a device is managed. For example, 3zr7Q~vw4C16FS2bH8UfS1gJ5cL6sj~x_U9PQ.

See Integrate Okta with your MDM software.

Value (string): <secret_key>


Enable the collection of serial identifiers on managed devices.

Value (string): <serial_number>

<serial_number> is a predefined macro provided by the MDM provider. For details, check the requirements of your MDM provider. If this value can't be retrieved, Okta Verify reports empty values.