Deploy Okta Verify configurations with Workspace ONE

You can use your device management solution to deploy Okta Verify configurations. This procedure provides an example of how to deploy configurations using Workspace ONE, but you can use any device management solution.

Before you begin

Make sure assignment groups were already created in Workspace ONE.


  1. In Workspace ONE, click RESOURCES.

  2. Click AppsNative.

  3. Click the Public tab.


  5. On the Add Application page, enter the following information:

    • Managed By: Enter a description of who will manage the application.

    • Platform: Select the appropriate platform: Apple iOS, Android, or Windows Desktop.

    • Source: Select SEARCH APP STORE.

    • Name: Enter Okta Verify.

  6. Click NEXT.

  7. For Okta Verify, click + SELECT.

  8. On the Add Application - Okta Verify page, click the Details tab, and then do the following:

    1. Categories: Select an item from the list.

    2. Click SAVE & ASSIGN.

  9. On the List View page Public tab, click Okta Verify.

  10. On the Okta Verify page, click the Assignment tab.

  11. Click ASSIGN.


  13. On the Okta Verify - Assignment page, enter the following information:

    You can configure additional settings that are not listed, but these are required.

    • Distribution

      • Name: Enter a name for the assignment.

      • Description: Optional. Enter a description for the assignment.

      • Assignment Groups: Add groups for which the assignment will apply.

      • App Delivery Method: Select On Demand.

    • Restrictions

      • Managed Access: Enable.

      • Make App MDM Managed if User Installed: Enable.

    • Application Configuration

      • Managed Access: Enable.

      • Send Configuration: Enable. Click ADD, and then add your required managed app configuration.

        For example:

        The image provides an example of how to configure the managementHint and OktaVerify.OrgUrl configuration keys.

  14. Click CREATE.