Deploy Okta Verify to macOS devices

You can deploy Okta Verify to macOS devices using your device management solution. On devices that aren't managed, users can download and install the app directly from the App Store or a server location that you set up. You can download the app from the OktaAdmin Console (SettingsDownloads).

Ensure that users are always on the latest supported macOS version. See Supported platforms, browsers, and operating systems.

Deploy Okta Verify directly to devices from the Apple Business Manager

You can configure your device management tool to use Okta Verify from Apple Business Manager, and then deploy the app directly to targeted end-user devices.

After the app is installed, if your organization uses devices with macOS Big Sur (11) or later, Okta recommends that you configure your device management tool to automatically force app updates.

If you need assistance configuring Jamf Pro to automatically force app updates for Okta Verify, email Jamf at and reference PI-009232.

Download Okta Verify from Okta, and then deploy it to devices

If your device management tool does not support Okta Verify deployment from the Apple Business Manager, you can download Okta Verify directly from Okta.

This deployment method does not automatically force app updates.

  1. In the Admin Console, go to SettingsDownloads.
  2. For Okta Verify for macOS, click Download Latest.

    A PKG file with the latest version of Okta Verify for macOS is downloaded.

  3. Configure your device management tool to deploy the app to targeted end-user devices.

This deployment method does not support auto-update. As required, repeat this process to provide end users with the latest version of Okta Verify.

If you are using a custom PKG file to install Okta Verify, make sure you include a post-install script to relaunch Okta Verify when the installation is complete. Without this post-install script, if a user has Okta Verify open, Okta Verify will not update until it is manually closed and re-opened.

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