Profile enrollment

End-user registration is a vital component of any Okta organization and is a particular concern when you implement Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) scenarios.

Your customers want a frictionless way to access and sign up for the services or products provided by your company. You want to obtain more profile information without asking your end users for an overwhelming amount of input when they sign up.

Identity Engine provides you with powerful features that give your end users a smooth entry and allow you to quickly expand their profiles for your internal business requirements.

The profile enrollment policy collects the attributes required to validate end users when they attempt to access your app:

  • Allow end users to register and activate their profiles through the Sign-In Widget or a custom authentication solution embedded on your server

  • Create a progressive enrollment flow that collects more profile information about known end users before they can sign in

  • Assign end users to specific groups

If you enabled the Custom identifiers EA feature, the profile enrollment policy is renamed user profile policy.