Integrate ServiceNow with Access Requests

The ServiceNow integration allows organizations to create ServiceNow incidents based on requests processed through Access Requests request types.

ServiceNow integration isn't available for access request conditions.

Before you begin

  • Configure your Okta org for request types

  • Ensure that you have a ServiceNow account that can call the following endpoints:

    • POST /api/now/table/sc_request

    • POST /

    • GET /api/now/table/sys_user_group

Start this task

  1. From the Access Requests console, go to SettingsIntegrations.
  2. Under ServiceNow, click Connect.
  3. In the Connect to ServiceNow modal, note the Callback URL for later use.
  4. Create an external OAuth provider for ServiceNow.
    1. In a new window, sign in to your ServiceNow instance.
    2. Create an external OAuth provider for ServiceNow.
      See Create an endpoint for clients to access the instance.
    3. When prompted for a Redirect URL, enter the callback URL you noted earlier.
    4. Note your ServiceNow Instance ID, Client ID, and Client Secret for later use.
  5. Return to the Connect to ServiceNow modal in Access Requests.
  6. Enter the Instance ID, Client ID, and Client Secret you noted from ServiceNow.
  7. Click Connect.
  8. From the ServiceNow approval window, click Allow.

ServiceNow grants access to the Access Requests OAuth application.

When you integrate ServiceNow with Access Requests, your Assignment Groups get synced with Access Requests. You can view the ServiceNow Assignment Groups resource in the SettingsResources tab. You can also create a configuration list for ServiceNow. See Create a configuration list.

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