Modify a list

You can modify a list to add or revoke a team's ability to manage resources. However, you can't modify applications and groups lists that are synced directly to Okta.

Before you begin

Sign in as a super admin or access requests admin.

Start this task

  1. From the Access Requests console, go to SettingsConfiguration.

  2. Select a resource lists for an integration or Configuration items.

  3. Select a configuration list that you want to modify.

  4. Select Edit list from the menu associated with the list.

  5. Make the required changes. You can make the following changes:

    • Update the list name.

    • Add or remove teams.

    • Add or archive items. You can only archive items from a sublist.

  6. Select Update list to save the changes.

A request type is disabled when you remove an item or a team from a configuration list associated with an active request type.

You receive an email notification when a request type is disabled.

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