Create requests

Okta Access Requests allows users to create requests from the Access Requests web app or directly through common communication channels like Slack, Microsoft Teams, or email.

Access Requests uses machine learning to parse information from natural-language requests and compare it to historical requests. If a requester sends a message stating, "I need a Grammarly account" or "I need to access Jira," the system tries to identify the Request Type that best fits the request. If the system doesn't classify a request correctly, the requester can manually adjust the request.

Requesters can cancel a submitted request using the Access Requests web app if a team member or approver hasn't taken any action on it. They receive a notification about the request cancellation based on the notification preferences that they’ve set up.

Ensure that you have one or more active Request Types.

If an automated task doesn't complete, verify that the questions and other tasks in the request are complete. Access Requests automatically runs the task after a request assignee enters the missing information.

By default, all users can view requests. You can mark a submitted request as private or you can update your team settings to mark all incoming requests for the team as private. See Create an Access Requests team

Methods to submit requests:

The approver experience depends on whether the approver takes action within Access Requests web app, Slack, or Microsoft Teams. To understand the approval steps in the Access Requests web app, see Manage tasks.