Create entitlements

Create entitlements that your downstream apps can consume.

Before you begin

  • Sign in as a super admin, an app admin, or an admin with the following permissions:

    • Manage applications

    • Edit application's user assignments

    • Edit groups' application assignments or Edit users' application assignments

  • Ensure that you're assigned to the Okta Entitlement Management application.

  • Enable Governance Engine for the app. See Enable Governance Engine.

  • Adhere to the following character limits to avoid errors in promoting entitlements:

    • Entitlement name: 255 characters

    • Entitlement value: 1024 characters

    • Entitlement description: 1000 characters

Start this task

  1. In the Admin Console, go to ApplicationsApplications.
  2. Search for and select an app.
  3. Go to GovernanceEntitlements. You can view the entitlements you've created for the application.

  1. Click Add entitlement.

  2. Define entitlement details:

    1. Enter a display name and variable name for the entitlement. The variable name must be a value that your downstream app can map to and consume.

    2. Set the Entitlement Type (Data Type) to either String or String array.

    3. Optional. Enter a description of the entitlement.

  3. Click Next.

  4. Define entitlement values:

    1. Enter a display name, value, and optionally a description for the entitlement value. Each entitlement value that you enter must be unique.

    2. Optional. Click + Add value and repeat the previous step.

  5. Click Save entitlement.

After you create entitlements, you can view them on the Entitlements tab for the app. You can also search for a specific entitlement on the tab.

Next, create an entitlement policy to assign entitlements to users. See Create an entitlement policy. You can also create entitlement bundles and configure Request Types for your users to request bundles. See Create a bundle.

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