Enable the Okta MFA Provider in ADFS

You must enable Okta as an MFA provider for ADFS.

  1. Log onto your ADFS server.
  2. Open the ADFS management console.
  3. If using Windows Server 2012:
    1. Right-click Authentication Policies and select Edit Global Multi-factor Authentication...
    2. Select the Multi-factor tab.
    3. In the Select additional authentication factors section, select Okta MFA Provider. Click OK.

    If using Windows Server 2016:

    1. Expand ServiceAuthentication Methods.
    2. Right-click on Authentication Methods.
    3. Click Edit Multi-factor Authentication Methods...
    4. Select Okta MFA Provider, then click OK.
  4. Select Access Control Policies..

  5. Select Add Access Control Policy.
  6. Enter a Name and Description, then click Add.
  7. In the Rule Editor, configure a policy as required for your organization. Ensure that you include the and require multifactor authentication option in your rule editor. Click OK.