Troubleshoot the Linux RADIUS agent

The RADIUS agent upgrade from v2.16.0 to 2.17.x fails

The RADIUS agent v2.16.0 cannot be upgraded directly to version 2.17.0 or later.

When upgrading from v2.16.0 to a newer version, a new installation is required. The current agent must be uninstalled and the new agent installed.

The RADIUS agent upgrade to 2.15.x fails to restart on CentOS and other Linux based operating systems.

The RADIUS agent, after upgrade, should automatically restart and does not.

When upgrading from earlier versions to v2.15.1 or later, a restart is required. The newly updated agent must be restarted by hand after upgrade. See Manage the agent for additional details for starting and stopping RADIUS agents under Linux.

After an upgrade the RADIUS agent does not accept requests

In certain situations the RADIUS agent may not automatically restart after upgrade.

Confirm that the RADIUS agent is running using a comment similar to systemctl status ragent

If the agent is not running, restart using a command similar to systemctl start ragent. See also Manage the agent.