Configure the BeyondInsight gateway

Use this procedure to define a RADIUS Server Profile and assign the profile to users in BeyondInsight.

Before you begin

  • Ensure that you have the common UDP port and secret key values available.
  • Ensure that a Gateway VIP is configured, see Integrate on the Citrix site for more information.

Configure BeyondInsight

  1. Sign in to the BeyondInsight console with sufficient privileges.

  2. Go to ConfigurationMULTI-FACTOR AUTHENTICATIONRADIUS, and then click + to define a new RADIUS server.

  3. Enter a unique Alias and then enter the other server settings.

  4. Go to ConfigurationUSERS & GROUPS.
  5. Select the group that contains the test user, and then select the user.
  6. Configure RADIUS Authentication for the test user as shown here: