Test the Cisco ASA integration

There is a single test to confirm the flow of the Cisco ASA integration.

Network Diagram – Single-step Flow

Verify the VPN is properly configured to work with Okta

  1. Select the newly added VPN and click Connect.

  2. Enter your username and password, where:
    • The username must be in the format you specified when you added the app in Okta in Part 2.
    • After the password enter a comma(,) and the second MFA method such as:
    • 123456 – Code from Okta Verify, Google Authenticator, or Yubikey OTP
    • push – trigger push notice to enrolled phone
    • sms – trigger sms to enrolled phone
    • other – any other configuration

    For example, if using Okta Verify, you would enter something similar to password,123456 in the Password field.

  3. If you receive an error, check your username and password and try again.
  4. After successfully completing the challenge, you're connected: