Entity risk report

Early Access release

The Entity risk report displays information about changes in entity risk levels across your org. It also indicates the responses to those changes, and the signal sources that reported the information.

You can use the information in this report to see how many times risk-level changes occurred and to observe patterns over time.

This report displays the following information:

  • Total entity risk detections: The number of detections at any risk level.
  • High risk detections: The number of high-risk detections that occurred.
  • Event logout triggered: The number of logouts that were triggered.
  • Workflow triggered: The number of delegated flows that were triggered.
  • A graph of entity risk detections over time.
  • A graph of the signal sources that reported the information.
  • Entity risk detections: A list of each entity risk detection.
  • Entity risk policy: The rules that were triggered when an event was detected.
  • Entity risk events: The events that were recorded in the System Log.

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