Okta Device Access

Okta Device Access extends IAM (Identity and Access Management) capabilities across devices and applications, increasing your org's security posture and protecting you from phishing attacks. Local device data is protected by the same Identity Provider that protects access to data and applications in the cloud.

Users access sensitive information by signing in to their computers with their authenticated Okta credentials from anywhere, even without an internet connection. Okta Device Access secures devices, simplifies the single sign-on experience, and streamlines access to devices and apps. Organizations can meet compliance needs and equip employees to work productively.

For more information about Okta Device Access products and availability, visit the Okta Device Access product page.

Desktop MFA for Windows

Desktop MFA for Windows provides integrated step-up authentication in a seamless user experience. Desktop MFA allows you to secure managed desktops and fulfill compliance requirements.

Desktop MFA for macOS

Early Access release

Desktop MFA for macOS secures your managed macOS computers and fulfills compliance requirements with integrated step-up authentication.

Desktop Password Sync

Desktop Password Sync for macOS provides device password synchronization and automatic Okta FastPass enrollment, so that organizations can simplify credential management and deploy passwordless authentication to any Okta-managed app for a better and more secure experience for users. Desktop Password Sync for macOS allows end users to streamline authentication and minimize the use of passwords.


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