Enable session recording on a project

To enable session recording, resource administrators must first install, enroll, and configure a gateway and associate the gateway to one or more projects. Security admins can then create policies where traffic forwarding through gateways is configured, and session recording is enabled. Traffic forwarding through gateways must be enabled before enabling session recording.

If a security admin enable session recording and the resource admin has not installed, enrolled, and configured a gateway, the user connnection will fail.


  • Resources admins must install, enrolll, and configure a gateway and associate the gateway to one or more project. See Okta Privileged Access gateways and Configure server settings .

  • Ensure you're signed in to Okta Privileged Access.
  • You must have the Okta Privileged Access security admin role.

New policy

You can enable session recording when you create a new policy configured to use gateways. See Create or update a security policy.

Existing policy

  1. Go to Security Administration Policies.
  2. Click the Actions menu beside the project and select Edit.
  3. Go to Add Rule to Policy and click the Actions menu.

  4. Select Edit.
  5. Go to Session recording and do the following:

    1. Select Enable traffic forwarding through gateways.
    2. Select Record session through gateways.
  6. Click Save rule.

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