User attributes

Okta Privileged Access attributes are configurable metadata that allow teams to specify various characteristics of users. Attributes allow teams to customize how Okta Privileged Access synchronizes users to enrolled servers. This means teams can systematically manage infrastructure identity using Okta as the single source of truth. Additionally, teams can import existing configurations from systems outside of Okta into Okta Privileged Access by using custom attribute mappings.

By default, Okta Privileged Access defines specific values at the team level and applies them to all users. Teams can modify these default values from the Okta Privileged Access application panel in Okta.

Default attributes

By default, Okta Privileged Access assigns values for the following attributes:

Type Attributes
User Attributes
  • Unix server username
  • Windows server username
  • Unix user ID (UID)
  • Unix primary group identifier (GID)
Users can also specify default values for the following attributes:
  • Home directory
  • Login shell
  • Unix GECOS field