Install the Okta Privileged Access server agent on SUSE Linux

  1. Add the RPM key.

    sudo rpm --import

  2. Add the Okta Privileged Access repository. Replace SUSE-VERSION with SuSE versions with 12 or 15.

    sudo zypper addrepo --check --name "OktaPAM Stable" --enable --refresh --keep-packages --gpgcheck-strict oktapam-stable

  3. Update the list of available packages.

    sudo zypper update

  4. Search for the Okta Privileged Access packages.

    sudo zypper search scaleft

  5. Install the server tools package.

    sudo zypper install scaleft-server-tools

Automate agent installation

You can automatically install Okta Privileged Access server tools on Linux servers running in AWS and other cloud environments by using a user data script, or by running a PowerShell command, either locally or remotely.

Next steps

Server Enrollment