Test the Azure Active Directory integration

When you finish integrating Azure Active Directory with Okta, test the integration to confirm that Azure Active Directory can communicate with Okta.

Before you begin

Start this task

  1. Sign in to the Microsoft Azure portal, click the portal menu icon in the top left, and select Azure Active Directory.
  2. Click Enterprise applications in the left menu and select Okta in the applications list.
  3. Click Users and groups and click Add user.
  4. Click None Selected, select your user name, click Select, and click Assign.
  5. Click Single sign-on in the left menu.
  6. Scroll down to the Test single-sign-on with Okta area and click Test.
  7. Click Sign in as current user.
  8. Enter the answer to the security question if applicable and click Verify.

The Okta End-User Dashboard appears. If applications have not been assigned, no applications appear on the dashboard.