Integrate BambooHR with Okta

  1. If you've already added the BambooHR app to Okta, go to step 2. If you haven't added it, add it now:
    1. In the Admin Console, go to ApplicationsApplications.

    2. Click Browse App Catalog.
    3. Search the catalog for BambooHR. Select it and click Add Integration.
    4. Configure your general settings. Click Next.
    5. Configure your desired sign-on options.
    6. Optional. If using SAML 2.0 as your sign-on method, click View Setup Instructions and follow the instructions.
    7. Click Done.
  2. Return to the Applications page of the Admin Console and select BambooHR from the list of applications.

  3. Go to the Provisioning tab.

  4. Click Configure API Integration, and then select Enable API integration.

  5. Click Authenticate with BambooHR.

  6. Click Save after the success message appears.

  7. Optional. Change the Okta to BambooHR provisioning settings:

    1. Go to the Provisioning tab.
    2. Select To App under Settings.
    3. Click Edit.
    4. Select Update User Attributes to enable Okta to update user attributes in BambooHR.
    1. Click Save.
  8. Optional. Change the BambooHR to Okta provisioning settings:
    1. Go to the Provisioning tab.
    2. Select To Okta under Settings.

    3. Click Edit in the General, User Creation & Matching, Profile & Lifecycle Sourcing, or Import Safeguard areas to edit the settings.
    4. When you select Allow BambooHR to source Okta users in the Profile & Lifecycle Sourcing area, BambooHR is the source for user profile data.

    1. Click Save.
  1. Optional. Edit the integration settings:
    1. Go to the Provisioning tab.
    2. Select Integrations under Settings.

    3. Click Edit in the Integration area.
    4. In the Pre-Start Interval field, set the timeframe (in days) for a user to be considered active ahead of their hire date. For example, if you enter 7, only users with a hire date within one week of the current date are considered active and imported to Okta.

    5. Select Timezone aware pre-hires to use a user's timezone or location for lifecycle management. Universal Time Coordinated (UTC) is used for lifecycle management when this checkbox isn't selected.

    6. In the Preferred timezone list, select the timezone used in your BambooHR instance. This list is available only when Timezone aware pre-hires is selected.

  2. Optional. Assign users to the BambooHR app. See Assign applications to users.
  3. Optional. Add custom app attributes. See Add custom attributes to apps, directories, and identity providers.