Add existing Box groups to Okta

To make Okta the profile source for Box groups, you import existing Box groups into Okta and then link them to Okta groups with the same name. When Okta is the profile source, Box groups are updated automatically and the Box group assumes the name of the Okta group. If having a different name for your Box and Okta groups isn't an issue, you can link an existing Okta group with a unique name to a Box group.

  1. Create a new Okta group:
    1. In the Admin Console, go to DirectoryGroups.
    2. Click Add Group.
    3. Enter a name for the group in the Name field. If you want to link this group to a Box group, enter the name of the existing Box group.
    4. Optional. Enter a description for the group in the Group Description field.
    5. Click Add Group.
  2. Add Box users to the new group:
    1. Click the name of the group you created in step 1.
    2. Click Manage People.
    3. Select users individually, or click Add All to add all users to the group.
    4. Click Save.
  3. Import existing Box groups to Okta:

    1. Click Applications and enter Box in the search field.
    2. Click the Box link for the instance you want to configure.
    3. Click the Import tab and click Import Now.

    Two groups with same name are now available. One is designated with an "O" for Okta and the other with a "B" for Box.

  4. Click the Push Groups tab.

  5. Click Push Groups and select Find groups by name.
  6. Enter the name of the group you created in step 1 in the Enter a group to push field.
  7. Click Save.
  8. Optional. If you cannot locate the group, in the No Match found column, select Create Group to create a new group or select Link Group to link to an existing Box group.
  9. Click Save.