Typical workflow for deploying on-premises provisioning

This table lists the tasks that you need to complete to deploy on-premises provisioning, including procedures for installing the Okta Provisioning Agent and configuring your environment.



Enable TLS 1.2

The Transport Layer Security (TLS) v1.2 protocol is required to install the Linux and Windows Okta Provisioning Agent

Install the Okta Provisioning Agent

Before configuring provisioning for an on-premises application, install the Linux or Windows Okta Provisioning Agent

Create an instance of your on-premises app in Okta Create an instance of your on-premises application inside Okta

Create and test SCIM connectors

Create a SCIM connector if your on-premises application does not natively support SCIM

Connect to a SCIM connector

Configure your Okta app integration to communicate with your SCIM connector

Configure the API call timeout period

Specify how long your org waits for an API call to complete before a timeout occurs

Make an on-premises app the profile source

Specify Okta as the identity authority for assigned users

Optional tasks

These tasks are not essential to deploying on-premises provisioning, but may be useful for future configuration.



Upgrade Okta Provisioning Agent

Upgrade the Okta Provisioning Agent to get the latest features and functionality

Uninstall and reinstall the Okta Provisioning Agent

Cleanly remove and reinstall the Okta Provisioning Agent