Integrate UKG Pro with Okta

  1. Create a UKG Pro report and report ID. See Create a UKG Pro report and report ID.

  2. Locate and record the UKG Pro web services URL and the user and customer API keys:
    1. Sign in to your UKG Pro instance with administrator permissions.
    2. Click Menu System Configuration and select Web Services below Security.
    3. Copy the values displayed in the User API Key and Customer API Key fields and paste them in a text editor.
    4. Copy the base URL displayed next to Business Intelligence web service endpoint and paste it in a text editor. The base URL is the portion of the URL that is common to all of the displayed fields.
  3. If you've already added the UKG Pro app to Okta, go to step 4. If you haven't added it, add it now:
    1. In the Admin Console, go to ApplicationsApplications.

    2. Click Browse App Catalog.
    3. Search the catalog for UKG Pro. Select it and click Add Integration.
    4. Complete the fields on the General Settings page and click Next.
    5. Configure your desired sign-on options.
    6. Optional. If using SAML 2.0 as your sign-on method, click View Setup Instructions and follow the instructions.
    7. Click Done.
  4. Return to the Applications page of the Admin Console and select UKG Pro from the list of applications.
  5. Go to the Provisioning tab.
  6. Click Configure API Integration, and then select Enable API Integration.
  7. Complete these fields:
    • Web Services Base URL: Paste the value you copied in step 2 d and change the URL protocol from http to https. For example, becomes
    • Admin User Name: Enter the UKG Pro administrator user name.

    • Admin Password: Enter the UKG Pro administrator password.

    • User API Key: Paste the value you copied in step 2 c.

    • Customer API Key: Paste the value you copied in step 2 c.

    • Okta Report Path: Paste the UKG Pro report ID using this format: storeID("report ID"). See Create a UKG Pro report and report ID.

    • Create Groups Based on User Attribute (Cannot change once set): Select None, Org Level 1, Org Level 2, Org Level 3, Org Level 4, or Custom.

    • The selected user attribute must be included in the UKG Pro report. The Okta template includes org levels 1,2,3, and 4. When Custom is selected, enter the attribute value in the Custom User Attribute For Group field.

      A group is created for every specified user attribute value and imported users with a matching value are added to that group.

    • Custom User Attribute For Group: Optional. Enter a custom group attribute. The attribute name and the table name must match.

    • Pre-Start Interval: Optional. Enter the number of days before their start date an employee should be considered active.

    • Default Phone Country Code (USA, CAN, UKR, etc): Optional. Enter the phone number country code prefix.

    • Import Groups: Optional. Select this option to import groups.

  8. Optional. Click Test API Credentials to test the API integration.
  9. Click Save.