UKG Pro prerequisites and known issues

These are the prerequisites for integrating UKG Pro with Okta:

  • EmployeeNumber is a required attribute when using Push Profile Updates.

  • EepPersonID is a required field for integration with Okta and it must be included in all UKG Pro reports used in the integration.

  • Business Integration access in UKG Pro is required for admins.

  • UKG Pro service account creation requires a BI Consumer (Core) role to access the report. Log a ticket with UKG Pro to add the BI Consumer (Core) role to your service account.

  • The following UKG Pro service account permissions for Web Services are required for Okta writeback:

    Web Service Add View Edit Delete Scope
    Employee Person Push profile update
    Employee Phone Information Push profile update for US employee
    Employee Global New Hire Push profile update for global employee

These are the known issues with UKG Pro integrations:

  • Phone number length is limited to a maximum of 10 digits.