Okta Privileged Access release notes

Learn about new features, enhancement, and fixes in the latest version.

Version: 1.82.0

Device tools

Deployment date: June 20, 2024


FreeBSD is no longer supported in Okta Privileged Access.

Features and enhancements

Client Listing a secrets folder using CLI resulted in an error.
Gateway In some instances, the Okta Privileged Access gateway processes failed to function correctly and restarted when the target server timed out.

Version: 2024.06.0


Deployment date: June 05, 2024

Features and enhancements

  • You can now enforce MFA in a security policy that Okta Privileged Access users must complete to access secrets. See Security policy.

  • You can now use checkout to restrict access to a privileged account to one user at a time for a specific duration. See Checkout.