SAML Capable Apps report

The SAML Capable Apps report shows which SWA app integrations in your Okta environment can be converted to SAML.

Converting SWA app integrations to SAML improves the security of your environment because Okta handles the authentication to the application, so individual passwords are not required.


  • Ensure that you are signed in to the Okta Admin Console.

  • This report can be run by anyone with one of the following permission levels:

    • Super Administrator

    • Org Administrator

    • Read-Only Administrator

    • Mobile Administrator

    • Report Administrator


This report does not take any parameters as input.


  1. From the Admin Console, navigate to Reports > Reports.

  2. Click SAML Capable Apps.


From this page, you can convert each app integration to SAML by clicking Convert to SAML on the specific app integration.